Investor Reporting

Make custom investor reporting hassle-free. Aggregate data from multiple sources, automate data preparation and calculation, and output dynamic dashboards & reports in real-time. Intuitive smart filtering allows investors to create custom visualizations, while you instantly issue capital calls, collect payments, and distribute dividends online.

Create Custom Dashboards & Reports

Display custom views of portfolios and transactions with custom calculations, datasets, and data visualizations. Unbridled flexibility allows you to seamlessly support advisors with multiple clients, individuals with multiple investment accounts, or institutions with multiple user types.

Distribute Documents

Efficiently distribute any documents such as K1s, PCAP statements, and performance statements, in mass with auto-notifications and engagement tracking. In addition to logging user activities for compliance coverage, you can even request an acknowledgment of receipt digitally.

Aggregate Data From All Sources

You can easily aggregate data from multiple sources with our configurable data aggregator. Further, you can do it with bulk upload, scheduled automation, or API.

Automate Custom Report Generation

To efficiently prepare for reporting, you can automate routine data handling such as grouping, filtering, sorting, and custom calculations. You only need to set up the template once and all dashboards & reports will be automatically created and updated as soon as new data are entered.

Automate Routine Investor Communications

Scheduling routine investor communications such as newsletters and tax reminders is easy on our platform.

Issue Capital Calls And Process Online Payments

With our built-in payment processing, you can use ACH to collect payment or do routine payment distribution. You can also issue capital calls with wire or ACH instructions.

Trusted by 130+ Investment Platforms

If you think about an elegant solution of keeping resources organized, being more efficient, and a manager that may not have the time or the team to manage 50 investors, you have to herd these cats, so to speak, into one area and get the deal done. I think WealthBlock is that solution.

Chris Shen

Founder, Revere

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