Why an Investor Engagement Strategy Can Make or Break a Capital Raise

Hear from Shadow Ventures about why a deliberate investor engagement strategy can improve your chances of a successful capital raise -- especially in the Zoom era.

Video Transcript

KP Reddy: You know, raising a fund in the middle of the pandemic. You know, I think has been wild for us. The fact that people are investing millions of dollars, you know, putting us in charge of their worth net worth, and they've never met us. They met us via zoom. They had no, didn't know them 60 days ago. Had a, had zoom calls, went through our, you know, and I, and I will tell you, like, you know, I know this is partly about WealthBlock, but it has been helpful to really share information and WealthBlock, let them do it at their own pace and continue to be able to update things and let them know, "Hey, here's more information, here's a new investment we've made." It just cuts down on, you know, us picking up the phone and, and I think it's created, you know, I think in this remote world creating an intimate relationship without ever meeting someone and having a drink, and having dinner, playing golf and all the things that we do connect to other human beings. I think you have to really, be very deliberate in how you engage with people. And some of that zoom, some of it's a text, maybe it's a Slack, maybe it's a message in WealthBlock, but they have to feel like they're well supported, you know, and, and well supporting, you know, I would say, you know, supporting people, support is a verb, right? So it's like you got to do the work and engage with people. And I think it's been fantastic if you would ask me this time last year, you know, going into the pandemic would we have been able to raise this fund in our, hit our objectives. I would have been laughing at you. I'm like, Hey, I'm just taking the year off. We're probably gonna over subscribe to it. We're quickly going to be moving to fund four before you know it. And so I think, you know, we've, we've, we've been really kind of changed, in a way changing the way people, you know, I think, we're like regular people in a way? You know, we didn't, we didn't go to Harvard, we don't hide, we didn't come from investment banking that we've been able to kind of execute on a venture firm has been has been super exciting and fun.

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If you think about an elegant solution of keeping resources organized, being more efficient, and a manager that may not have the time or the team to manage 50 investors, you have to herd these cats, so to speak, into one area and get the deal done. I think WealthBlock is that solution.

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Founder, Revere

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