Regaining Control: The Granular Functionality That Puts VCs Back in the Driver's Seat

VX Global discusses the functionality -- and control over functionality -- that enables them to feel secure in their processes and how they manage transactions.

Video Transcript

Seth Gordon: So let's, let's focus on the platform for, for just a moment. Why did you choose WealthBlock? You obviously have a pretty robust business model over there, and I'm curious as to . . . if you were vetting out other technologies like us and these sort of service providers, and ultimately what led you to write us the check versus them?

John Pappie: Well, you were a higher check [laughs], but, but the reason is the functionality and the control over the functionality that the platform itself is very well thought out from deep dive, low level deep dive, excuse me, high level into, you know, controlling documents who can enter what permissions are given. It was obviously thought out by somebody who works in the regulatory community and works in the financial community specifically in investment and understood the rules and regulations and build something that would help address those issues in the open market. So when we looked at the entire landscape of on the low end to just coming and seeing the landing page and going through the profile information and, you know, uploading the infographics and the tiles and the information to educating the investor all the way up to, you know, third party escrow through north into tracking that investment, tracking referrals, log-in attempts, things of that nature. So it was very granular. And for me that's important because those analytics really help us figure out, you know, who's getting traction, who's getting looked at [phone ringing], what are they, what are they doing for themselves. In a lot of cases, we have our clients that are sharing and we can see the activity level of who's sharing and who's not sharing, right? So it does give us a deep, deep view and control over both the client and who gets to onboard. And then ultimately making sure that, that we're guiding that client through compliance measures to make sure that the transactions are, are done correctly and that they've done their third-party verifications for accredited investor status and things of that nature. And alternately us being able to, if we get kind of a suspicious log in we can't get a lot of information they're claiming to be a fund. We could say, look at, just go, you know, we're going to send you off and you're going to go get a third party verification. And that's your entry into the, to, to the platform. If you don't get it done, sorry, we can't pull up enough information on you to, to verify you, so.

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We have been with WealthBlock since they started their company. Their software has helped us grow our company from a small two person consulting firm into a multi city Investment Bank. More impressive than the software product is their people. Skilled in their crafts, professional presence, and just a good group of people. We have been very happy with our relationship with everyone at WealthBlock.

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