Revere VC: Investment Firms Are Embracing Technology To Scale And Survive

Chris Shen of Revere VC discusses the importance of investment firms leveraging digital technology to increase investor engagement and opportunities to succeed.

Video Transcript

The best firms that you know everyone knows right in buy-out you have Carlisle, you have Aries, Sequoia VC you know the hedge funds etc., you know they don't, they can because of their track record and sort of the incredible stuff that they do, they don't need to, they can just get people in a room, "Here, sign the subscription documents for the fund. Let's move on." Right? But you see these firms as the earliest adopters of a lot of technology because again, you know, the hen that lays the golden egg. They want to keep making sure that hen's comfortable, right? So when you see sort of the big name firms, you know adopting technology solutions to interact with their investors to make processes more streamlined, whether that's from you know, investor relations to operations to you know deal management, it would behoove sort of people that, you know, one day want to dream big and become one of those, you know, brands and play in that league. It would behoove you to look at that, right? And I think obviously the obvious sort of you know backdrop of, you know, COVID-19 where our business in terms of financial technology, investing, asset management, is a very sort of shake hands, go to conventions, press the flesh so to speak type of events, right? Type of industry. And without that interaction, without the ability to travel to major financial centers, you're left with, you know, you have to have a technology solution. Full stop. So with all those sort of, I guess, you know, those those secular tailwinds where the big boys and girls are, you know, adopted it already and it's gone swimming, you know, mostly pretty well. And you have sort of the inability to meet in person, a technology solution for the majority of, whether you're an investment firm, you know, sort of an asset manager is, you know, it's a must-have. It's not sort of a nice to have and all that, but it's a must-have. So these solutions, WealthBlock being the lead among them, you have to have it, right? And I think you'll see sort of the returns. I mean obviously every technology solution has an outlay where you have to get up to speed, you know, customers need to understand they're appreciated. There's build out-times etc., but you know we're making Deji look good here, but essentially you know once that comes around that you master that curve, the rewards are well worth it.

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If you think about an elegant solution of keeping resources organized, being more efficient, and a manager that may not have the time or the team to manage 50 investors, you have to herd these cats, so to speak, into one area and get the deal done. I think WealthBlock is that solution.

Chris Shen

Founder, Revere

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