How WealthBlock Supports Long-Term Innovation

FundersUSA discusses the important marriage between compliance and tech and why an API-centric ecosystem supports long-term innovation.

Video Transcript

Seth Gordon: What ultimately led you to choose WealthBlock and since leveraging the platform, what have you really done to optimize use of the platform?

Peter Stridh: Yeah, so, so my, my background is all a combined of, I have a finance background and a technology background. And so when I look at the platform, I look at both sides, not only to compliance, but WealthBlock.AI is an open platform. So it's, it's built to scale with an ecosystem of partners, which is incredibly important because ultimately in, in fundraising, in particular, it's a two-sided marketplace. We have to expand the network of partnerships with investors and the ability to integrate with, with, for instance, Alto IRA self-directed investments. That's an excellent example of an important integration. And, and if you have an open platform in a technology, in a technology model where you have APIs, which a WealthBlock has, that's a great way to expand and quickly integrate to, to, to new markets. And to same, the same on, on the issuer side, you can expand on the value-add for onboarding issuers, startups, if you have an API in WealthBlock.AI. So we are now on our own, building the AI, my company is building AI modules, which we think can leverage the data coming out to WealthBlock.AI. So we're building bolt-ons if you like, and, and all of this is possible because WealthBlock.AI is very API centric and it's open and it allows to, to constantly sort of innovate long-term. So that, that I would say is one of the key reasons. I was very impressed by the platform.

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WealthBlock has surpassed our expectations in so many ways. We were in search of a platform that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use for both our team and our members and that would simplify our deal flow for our investors. There is no doubt that WealthBlock met these needs and have exceeded them. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, have helped us build a valuable network of like-minded professionals and are always surprising us with new features. This platform has and will continue to enhance our ability to grow.

Hilary Mathis

Director of Marketing, FarmFundr

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