Does Investor Experience Matter? Yes. Here's Why.

Learn from Shadow Ventures about why a capital raise platform that is intuitive for Joe Public can help investors of all sizes and experience levels.

Video Transcript

KP Reddy: I think when we searched and we saw like a spectrum of things. And I think one of the things that we liked, you know, almost, I would say about 90% of our LPs, and this is an interesting stat, 90% of our LPs, we are the first venture fund they've ever invested in. We might be the first venture investment they've ever made. And so what does that mean? That means it has to have a platform that has you know, we had to have a platform that was very intuitive for Joe public. Because in many ways our LPs are kind of Joe public. And I think part, you know, the fact that you all are heavily involved on kind of supporting crowd funding platforms that consumer feel and experience was super important for us to have that consumer-like feel and experience. And I think because you all are so involved in the crowdfunding world that you kind of have that hack pretty well in terms of creating a consumer-like experience because while our investors and a lot of them are corporates, mid-sized corporates. They are very consumer like, and their, and their knowledge of technology.

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The WealthBlock team has been exceptional to work with as we build out our farmland investment platform. They have a deep understanding of our needs and have great tech to power our sites. The WealthBlock platform is set up to accommodate various investments and appreciate their willingness to work with new ventures to get them off the ground.

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